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Other Nick
Award-winning Creative Director

& Advertising Expert

I'm Other Nick. Why the alias? There's lots of Nicks in my life, somehow I always end up being "the other Nick". So, I played into it! Welcome, can't wait to make your next marketing project great.

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AFF - Artisan Auto Detail - by AP Imager

800-800-JUNK, for Louisville's Junk Patrol

3x Telly Award winning commercial directed and written by Nick Gray


My favorite - creating a consistent look for a company or business, the cornerstone of marketing. 


The most crucial part of an ad campaign is the heart of the message. I don't just make adverts,
I tell stories.

through Comedy

My ideal clients have a sense of humor - this is where my ideas can thrive most.


I have ideas, and sometimes that's the first step. Let me help you realize the potential of your brand with a consult.

Behind the scenes of some of my recent shoots

I maintain a small retainer of businesses and agencies that I do monthly work for, and am actively feeling out relationships with other brands and companies to start projects with. If you would like to speak with me directly, I can be reached at:

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