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Visit Owensboro

CVB for the city of Owensboro, Ky


Visit Owensboro approached with a very unique ask. They wanted to create an ad campaign that was modular - meaning, the ability to be used in separate segments, all together, and added onto in the future. 


A video that was designed to work as a 1:30, 1:00, or :30 depending on the need. The main script (written by Nick Gray) was written in three thirty second segments that had natural endings separately, but together formed transitions into the next segment seamlessly. Everything was planned to the second to pull this off. Even the music was custom written and recorded by Nick Gray. This video campaign won an award at the 2019 Kentucky Traverse Awards.


Why Visit Owensboro?


Visit Owensboro's "Why Visit Owensboro" 2019

Production Credits: Written by: Nick Gray and Alex Clark | Directed by Nick Gray | Director of Photography: Alex Clark | Produced by Alexander Francis Films

Listen to Director Nick Gray and DOP Alex Clark ( disscuss the making of this video here.

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