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Music Endeavors

I've been lucky enough to produce my own music projects over the last 4 years. While these have currently taken a back seat,

I hope you can take a listen to what I cook up in my "free time".

Ape Fantastic, (various singles)

The Weatherman
South Beach 1999
About You
Street Phone

All production (c) Nick Gray

My most recent, precious, and "successful" project - Ape Fantastic - is my current musical alias. Riding the line between synthpop and synthwave, this is the direction that my main musical endeavors will travel in the future.

Other Nick, Chills Out

1. Latch Key Sunset
2. South Beach 1999
3. Regal
4. Wanna Grab Coffee?

All production (c) Nick Gray

The precursor to "Ape Fantastic" this EP is my first dive into using synths and vocal effects in my own music. It was also a healing moment in my life and the first time I felt like my music was objectively listenable. 

Other Nick, White Knight

1. Headspace
2. It's Ok
3. My Mistake (demo)

All production (c) Nick Gray

Alt-rock is fun to make because you can say it's "bad on purpose" and that's exactly what I did with "White Knight" - an homage to myself.

Damp Possè, Good Connections

1. Iced Tea
2. Good Connection
3. Bath Bomb

All production (c) Damp Possè

The only thing you HAVE to do in music is do it. And that's why this EP exists - I was tired of seeing other 19 year olds with their music on Spotify, so my bandmate and long time musical partner Tyler Embry and I got together and recorded this gym in about a day. 

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