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How to get a billboard in Owensboro

You might have seen this billboard for Ritzy's of Owensboro or many like it this year - we were proud to bring this unique and simple design to life and be a part of record sales numbers for the local eatery in 2020! One of my favorite clients, Ritzy's and I are thrilled to be doing business for 3+ years!

Ritzy's Billboard in Owensboro

Billboards are a great way to increase brand awareness as well as advertise long-term sales. The campaign for Ritzy's was intended as a brand awareness effort as sales for Ritzy's are typically "micro" sales, lasting only 1-2 days. This is a strategy that works for the eatery; additionally this strategy tends to work well for business in Owensboro as the consumer style here is typically last-minute and influenced by convenience.

Advertising for small business like Ritzy's and other restaurants can always be challenging. Tight budgets and difficult to predict consumer behavior makes good marketing akin to aiming for a moving target. But, brand-awareness based advertisement is always a good bet and our billboards have generated plenty of buzz about the local brand! Do you want a billboard? I can help! Email me - Other Nick

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