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I Found My "Lost" Music Video

Just as I had given up hope of ever seeing this again, I finally found the first music video I ever made in Nashville, TN. It's of a now defunct band called "TROIKA" and was supposed to have played on CMT, I think. Who knows, really. I don't. I thought I lost the damn thing.

As with most "firsts" we had literally no budget for this thing. A DP by the name of Austin Taylor (he calls himself Austin W. B. Taylor and goes by Billy. Right.) Had a connection to a couple of studio spaces in Nashville and we were able to spend $100 for both. Along with his fee and my editing fee, I think the total budget for this was $500-800. For that price, I think we do a bang-up job. It starts with the ever-loved and famed "broken down outside junk yard" scene. Which, actually, was not scripted and we just kind of threw in last minute. The classic "dude next to muscle car" was a big hit, as were "bricks on ground" and "old semi trailer". It added some production value, but it also took away some production value, as I personally think "junkyard scene" is overdone and looks a bit amatuer. But, there I was. An amatuer. We also totally did not ask permission to film there. One of the business owners in the area told us to leave, but, we were done anyway. It worked out.

We then see shots on a white psyche (classic) and tons of whip pans (my idea) and a few "really tight frame of the artist" shots. The next space was where we did the "artists next to candles" scenes. Man, as I write this, I realized we checked off ALL the "indie music video" boxes, except "opening shot of alarm clock". I'll save that one for later. You can check out the lost video here: - Other Nick

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