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I made a client cry

Have you ever made a client cry? Or has anyone that worked for you brought tears to your eyes? I've never experienced this until recently, and it was quite a proud moment. Before you get too confused, I'm talking about both happy crying AND sad crying. Let me explain.

The photoshoot was with a mother and her adoptive son. After about 5 minutes, the star of the show developed a tummy ache and, in typical 2 year old fashion, began expressing himself in the only way he knows how - a flood of tears. This presented an obstacle to overcome. And, as I learned through the rest of the shoot, sometimes obstacles are actually opportunities! I would not have gotten as creative as I did had I not had the obstacle of capturing images through tears.

And, the above image is what made the mother cry, too. In finding creative ways to hide the tears, I chose to use the sun to block part of the eyes. I also unknowingly made an iconic shot. You see, the officer in the picture is not related to the family. Without giving away details, part of this family's emotional story involves a state trooper that is no longer with us. The sun not only blocked the tears, but also the face of the stand-in trooper, allowing for the family to mentally place in the memory of their loved one.

I am thankful to have the opportunity to share my talents and tell stories through a lens. It's a skill that I continuously get better at, and I feel blessed that I have my ability. - Other Nick

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