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(NETFLIX) Deceptively Nice Rom-Com.

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

It didn't have The Weeknd in it, but this gem was way better than one would think. Miriam and I watched it without much expectations, but anything starring Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley) gets a "free trial". And when I say "anything starring Kumail Nanjiani", I mean specifically The Lovebirds because I've only seen him star in one movie, and The Lovebirds is it.

It wasn't tired, it wasn't rushed, it didn't drag, I watched it in a Spanish dub. What's not to like? I think that it was carefully crafted to entertain, which is why I am confused by it's lukewarm reception. It's fine. There's literally nothing wrong with it. It's not Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind or Her but it has its place. That place is on Netflix on a Wednesday night. It's the perfect date night movie, and our date night is Wednesday. Also all the other days of the week because nothing matters. The plot is simple: a couple whose relationship is on the fritz gets in a jam and must work together to solve/survive/win. We've seen it a million times. But the genuine laughs and the unexpected twists make it seem fresh. I love the characters, they aren't over-indulged in the writing room; we only see enough exposition to get the necessary job done. The pacing is perfect, the cinematography is great, nothing is out of place. Maybe it's perfect execution is why critiques weren't impressed. In today's world of high expectations and low appreciation, a film that delivers exactly what it promises may be seen as less than the sum of its parts. Watch it if you want to laugh and feel good. Other Nick

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