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(NETFLIX) I Personally Guarantee You'll Cry

"Lingo, Lingo!" I felt a dull pain in my chest when I typed that. Miracle in Cell No 7 isn't messing around. It's an absolutely heart-destroying tale of an intellectually disabled man who's wrongfully accused of murder, and the fight for his innocence by his 9 year old daughter, whom he absolutely adores. Did I lose you already? Idiot.

Miriam and I watched this with one of her friends and I was expecting to zone out and play on my phone or something. So, phone in hand, I sat down to watch. The beginning was fairly entertaining so my phone didn't get much use. We are introduced to Memo, the main character, and my first thought was "aw, quiero ser su amigo". This translates to "I wanna be this guy's friend" (I was conversing with Miriam in Spanish). He was SO ADORABLE. Which makes the next sequence of events an absolute shot to the heart. And who's to blame? The writers, that's who. Because you WILL cry 3x over the duration of this movie. It's a masterclass in eliciting emotional response. Yes, I know, I cry a lot in general. But NOT THREE TIMES during a movie. This is a record. In short, if you don't cry at this, unfriend me. Other Nick

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