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Simple ad (15 seconds!) for a small business

In a past life I did marketing work for a small roadside dessert and snack stand in Owensboro. The plan was to front-load a lot of video and photo creation so we could squeeze all the value we could out of our time. We did two separate shoot days, one for video (with actors) and one for the product (at the place of business). The benefit to doing content creation like this is the reduction in time for set up and tear down - when you are shooting on location, the biggest time suck is putting everything into position. Once you are all set, it's nothing to do an extra 30 takes.

This video was a simple concept: the target audience likely hadn't ever experienced "Hawaiian Style Shaved Ice" before - it's a relatively new and niche product. However, it features two very common ingredients: shaved ice & ice cream. The result is a wonderfully different dessert that is truly amazing. The idea was to show that the consumer already liked both the ingredients separately, so why not try them together? What the end result ended up being was a short & very matter-of-fact ad: two people eating shaved ice & ice cream separate, and someone eating the "new" dessert combined. I personally shot the whole thing: simple 2 point lighting ($100 rental) in my unfinished basement ($0) with friends as extras ($75) and of course the dessert product. We added a voiceover ($50) and I used a e-cig vape to get the "smokey" shot of the product at the end. The girl actress gave a nice "wink" that wasn't scripted that just put the cherry on the top for the "cute" theme of the ad. We used a track from Motion Array ($25) as the bed, and viola! A nice, inexpensive, short and simple ad for social media! See more of my video tips at - Other Nick

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