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Sometimes an iPhone is good enough.

Recently I was in LA and grabbed some pics. They are only from my iPhone, and usually I don't like b&w filters, but I think that in this case it really goes well tying everything into a "set". Being a photographer from Owensboro, I don't get to do many photos of beaches or palm trees. I was sad I didn't get my "real" camera out more, but as I was only there on a layer during a trip, I chose to make use of my phone and leave my camera packed.

I love tying things together. It's a huge part of advertising. You may have creative in video, photos, social posts, billboards, radio commercials, TV commercials, newspaper ads. But if you don't tie them all together with some form of consistency, it's not working the hardest it can. Simple things like using the same colors in advertising, same fonts, same photos - it really matters. It matters so much that Doritos was able to create an ad WITHOUT their logo, because the other parts of their branding (mainly, the blue and red, with the triangle shape) is enough for you know know "That's Doritos!".

I think that sometimes, it's most important to have an efficient message. The iPhone quality of my photos does not matter - I am happy to have a bunch of iPhone photos rather than just a few "good" photos from my camera. The same goes for businesses. Have a plan for your marketing campaign, make it efficient and consistent, and you're on your way to advertising success. - Other Nick

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