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The Music Video That Doesn't Exist

I came across this behind the scenes shot of a music video that I produced and directed sometime in 2018. We shot at 1087 Studios in Nashville, TN. The band experienced offers from Sony, and the music video was scheduled to be distributed by them on a "back end points" agreement, but ultimately the band had some internal direction disputes and changed members shortly after, so the music video was never used.

Music video production is something I enjoy because it allows creativity and organization to flourish. I also enjoyed working with a band, director of photography, and studio that I hadn't previously worked with on this music video because it really added a feel of mystery and anticipation to the shoot. Saying "trust me" to a group of people who don't know you or your professional experience is always a gamble, and in the end, the band loved the final result and I was paid to shoot more footage of them later.

The original music video was unfortunately destroyed and only exists in our memories, but I will always look back on my first "big shoot" in Nashville fondly, and I hope to do many more! - Other Nick

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