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TikTok wasn’t for them

Story time:

Does this describe your business?

I was in a meeting recently and I was asked about doing TikTok for a client. I told them “no”. Flabbergasted, they asked, “well why on earth not? Don’t you know how big #TikTok is?”

Of course I do! But this business was NOT geared towards 13-21 year olds. They didn’t even have *real* e-commerce! Why would we put time into the, admittedly huge, TikTok if the user base was not out ideal clients?

There’s a big misconception about marketing and advertising. It’s not supposed to be throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing what sticks. There’s a time and a place for that, but working with limited budgets is not the space to test these things out.

You have to create for your ideal customer. The people you WANT to buy from you - make content for them. Make ads for them. Market to them. Not everyone.

Of course, unless you’re branding. But that’s another talk for another day.

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