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I'm Other Nick. Why the alias? There's lots of Nicks in my life, somehow I always end up being "the other Nick". So, I played into it! Welcome, can't wait to make your next marketing project great.

Advertising is in my blood

In 1996, two important things happened that proved to be integral to my life. First, my parents started an award-winning radio jingle production studio (Gray Sky Music) that since went on to serve both the local community and international clients and is still in strong operation today. The second thing was my birth. 

Growing up around catchy radio jingles planted the seed in my head for advertising. I always pointed out "bad" radio ads to my parents and even made a pro-bono jingle for a local car dealership when I was 7 because I thought it would be better than their ads that I heard on the radio at the time. 

Fast forward a decade, and I found myself working in sales at the local radio station. How impactful this would be on my budding career was unknown at the time - but in short, I am where I am today because of one single experience I had there. More on that later. 

I quickly fell in love with the station's digital department, where I became the manager of digital operations and lead the station to subsequently achieve $20k+ in monthly digital sales. One of the biggest things I did there was a viral video with a local animal shelter, creating a video that was the pivot point for the rest of my professional life. 

Retroactively named "Be Uncomfortable" because of my literal uncomfortableness during the campaign, and because I think advertisers need to be a little uncomfortable to get great results, this single act is what launched my current career and is the reason I still do advertising today.

Be Uncomfortable

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Since 2015, I have worked in various capacities with different companies, ranging from leading sales teams and managing clients, to beginning my love for directing video via scaling my agency to tackle large scale commercial production. In 2020 I won my first awards for my efforts, in "writing" and "people's choice" for campaigns I created or otherwise worked on. 

I maintain a small retainer of businesses and agencies that I do monthly work for, and am actively feeling out relationships with other brands and companies to start projects with. If you would like to speak with me directly, I can be reached at:

I would love to see if we would be able to work together and if I could help solve marketing & advertising solutions - both on small scale and big scale projects. 

Thanks for reading, your interest in my story means a lot to me.

Other Nick.


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